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Oleksii Lyulyov

Sumy State University | Ukraine

A number of articles published in the journal Marketing and Management of Innovations: 2015 – 87; 2016 – 94; 2017 – 134; 2018 – 127; 2019 – 113; 2020 – 104; 2021 – 93.

Per the COPE principles, the editorial board, editorial board members and external reviewers of MMI journals constantly strive to raise the journal’s prestige. Their main objective is to improve the manuscript evaluation process’s efficiency and accept papers that present valuable scientific topics. However, some papers may be rejected for various reasons, as stated in the Regulations on Reviewing and Research Misconduct. The author’s place of work, country of residence, race or religion does not influence the decision to reject a paper.

Therefore, all authors should pay attention to the content of their papers and adhere to the principles of publication ethics. Articles should correspond to the main topics and directions of the MMI Journal. In addition, great care will be taken to ensure that submitted papers are written in English. The language used should be professional, proofread and follow the formatting standards set by the journal. Manuscripts with unprofessional or weak language may be rejected.

The acceptance rate is the ratio of the number of manuscripts accepted by the journal to the number of papers submitted for the year, which is approximately 35-40%.

The Managing Editor of MMI Journal can assist you with any questions regarding the timing of the review, acceptance, and peer review of your article. Questions regarding submission and publication procedures should be emailed to

All necessary information regarding submission and publication procedures can be found on the website. The Editorial Board is responsible for providing all authors with information about the steps in the publication process. It takes an average of 70 days from manuscript submission to publication decision.