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Oleksii Lyulyov

Sumy State University | Ukraine

Complaints policy


General Concerns or Complaints

If you have any concerns or complaints related to your publication in Marketing and Management of Innovations, please reach out to Editorial Office via email It’s important to note that Editorial Office doesn’t intervene or comment on editorial decision-making across Journal.

Upon sending an email to, Journal aims to acknowledge your message within 5 business days. The Editorial Office will then lead an investigation following COPE guidelines, assessing whether proper procedures were followed. The Editorial Office review the submission history, correspondence between the Author(s), Managing Editor, Responsible Editor, and Reviewers, and may contact involved parties for additional information, complying with GDPR regulations.

Author(s) will receive written confirmation of the investigation outcome. The Journal’s goal is to address issues promptly within six weeks, though some investigations may take longer based on the nature of the concern, involvement of multiple Author(s) or papers, and engagement with the Author’s institution or external parties.

In the interest of due process and unbiased investigations, Editorial Office kindly ask that anyone raising a concern or complaint allows the process to conclude before making public comments on the case.

If author wish to pursue complaint further, Author(s) can contact COPE directly. Information can be found on the COPE website: Facilitation and Integrity Subcommittee | COPE: Committee on Publication Ethics.

Complaints about Publications

All concerns about the Journal’s published content are investigated confidentially and in line with COPE guidelines, regardless of their status or identity. In many cases, Marketing and Management of Innovations conducts an internal review to determine if a full investigation is necessary. Investigations into Journal’s published content is carried out in collaboration with the Author(s) and Journal. Editorial Office may need to contact third parties, such as independent experts, Author(s) institutions, or funding bodies, following GDPR regulations.

Marketing and Management of Innovations strives to maintain the anonymity of the complainant to the best of Journal’s ability, recognizing that certain complaints may reveal the identity of the person raising the concern. Once an investigation is completed and appropriate action is determined, the Editorial office will provide updates to all complainants. Please note that Journal cannot give regular updates to maintain confidentiality.