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Oleksii Lyulyov

Sumy State University | Ukraine

Volume 10 Issue 4, 2019

published on December 30, 2019

M. M. Sulphey, M. Naushad

The position of intellectual capital among Saudi banks

Pages: 11-21

Peter Gallo, Beata Balogova, Luba Tomcikova, Jozef Nemec

The impact of the innovative Total Quality Management tool in small and medium-sized enterprises

Pages: 22-30

Yaroslav Yanyshyn, Halyna Bryk, Yurij Kashuba

Problems and perspectives of internet-insurance in Ukraine

Pages: 31-38

Vida Davidaviciene, Ieva Meidute-Kavaliauskiene, Regimantas Paliulis

Research on the influence of social media on generation y consumer purchase decisions

Pages: 39-49

Oteh Ogbonnaya Ukeh, Obasi Raymond Ozoemelam, Eze Chiazokam Justina, Onyemachi Okechukwu Duke Nduka

Beyond just branding gimmick: power of youths in eco-certification in Abia State, Nigeria

Pages: 69-81

Tetiana Borysova, Grygorii Monastyrskyi, Anetta Zielinska, Mariusz Barczak

Innovation activity development of urban public transport service providers: multifactor economic and mathematical model

Pages: 98-109

Rahmoun Mbarek, Yasser Baeshen

Telecommunications customer churn and loyalty intention

Pages: 110-117

Lubomir Kmeco, Jiri Mezulanik, Alena Kascakova, Mehmet Civelek

Factors of demand for cultural events in tourism: the case of the Czech Republic

Pages: 118-128

Svitlana Andros, Ludmila Melnyk, Nataliia Butenko, Hanna Zaikina, Volodymyr Tykhenko

Efficiency of management of loan funds in the banking industry of Ukraine: data of the factor analysis of credit turnover

Pages: 129-139

Bader A. Alyoubi, Mohammad Ali Yousef Yamin

The impact of task technology fit on employee job performance

Pages: 140-159

Aleksy Kwilinski, Kazimierz Pajak, Оleksandr Halachenko, Svitlana Vasylchak, Yaroslav Pushak, Paulina Kuzior

Marketing tools for improving enterprise performance in the context of social and economic security of the state: innovative approaches to assessment

Pages: 172-181

Zenovii-Mykhailo Zadorozhnyi, Valentyna Yasyshena

Intangible assets accounting and reporting issues

Pages: 182-193

Milos Hitka, Gabriela Pajtinkova-Bartakova, Silvia Lorincova, Hubert Palus, Andrej Pinak, Martina Lipoldova, Martina Krahulcova

Sustainability in marketing through customer relationship management in a telecommunication company

Pages: 194-215

Tetyana Deyneka, Olga Shkurupii, Kseniia Verhal, Nataliia Bazavluk

Global status of countries: determination and interpretation

Pages: 216-228

Maria Kovacova, Katarina Valaskova, Pavol Durana, Jana Kliestikova

Innovation management of the bankruptcy: case study of Visegrad Group countries

Pages: 241-251

Jaroslav Korecko, Radovan Bacik, Iveta Voznakova

Public administration in EU: harmonization of income taxes

Pages: 280-291

Yevhen Baranchenko, Herman Aksom, Oksana Zhylinska, Svitlana Firsova, Daryna Datskova

Inbound marketing: practical aspects of promoting goods and services in e-commerce

Pages: 308-320

Hasan Tutar, Omer Karademir, Sevilay Guler, Salih Tutar

Management of innovations in education: students satisfaction and career adoptability

Pages: 321-335

Olena Liubkina, Tetiana Murovana, Alina Magomedova, Evangelos Siskos, Liudmyla Akimova

Financial instruments of stimulating innovative activities of enterprises and its improvements

Pages: 336-352

Petra Krejci, Jarmila Sebestova

Innovative literacy levels: gender, age and education matters

Pages: 353-363

Valentyna Levchenko, Anton Boyko, Taras Savchenko, Victoria Bozhenko, Yuliia Humenna, Ruslan Pilin

State regulation of the economic security by applying the innovative approach to its assessment

Pages: 364-372

Yuriy Harust, Vadym Melnyk, Maksym Palienko, Lesya Prasol

Economic security of the country: marketing, institutional and political determinants

Pages: 373-382