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Oleksii Lyulyov

Sumy State University | Ukraine

Volume 11 Issue 3, 2020

published on September 30, 2020

Stefan Raychev, Gergana Dimitrova, Blaga Madzhurova, Dobrinka Stoyanova

Innovations as a factor for economic growth and labor market development

Pages: 22-31

Oksana Zhylinska, Iryna Novikova, Alla Stepanova, Alona Vikulova

Assessment methods of intellectual product in research universities

Pages: 32-44

Hajar Mouatassim Lahmini, Karima Mialed, Chams Eddoha Mokhlis

Management of companies performance: impact of immaterial capital

Pages: 45-58

Iryna Reshetnikova, Henefa Shvydanenko, Kateryna Boichenko

Determinants to provide the efficiency of integrated development of the light industry enterprises

Pages: 157-169

Inga Sina, Aija Sannikova, Fawad bin Sajjad

Brand of european higher education institutions as a key factor for foreign students

Pages: 181-194

Farhad Rahmanov, Ramilya Aliyeva, Anna Rosokhata, Nataliia Letunovska

Tourism management in Azerbaijan under sustainable developmen: impact of COVID-19

Pages: 195-207

Mariana Sedliacikova, Anna Kocianova, Michal Dzian, Maria Moresova, Josef Drabek

Product sampling effect on purchase decision also by social aspects

Pages: 222-233

Tatjana Tambovceva, Valentina Urbane Valentina Urbane, Janis Levins

Innovations in construction waste management: case of Latvia

Pages: 234-248

Jana Coculova, Nella Svetozarovova, Daniela Bertova

Analysis of factors determining the implementation of talent management

Pages: 249-256

Yevhen Krykavskyy, Olha Prokopenko, Olena Shandrivska, Nadіia Vasyltsiv, Sylwia Nycz-Wojtan

Innovations in management of the complementary development of the territories adjusted to the river cargo transportation

Pages: 257-275

Ivana Podhorska, Jaromir Vrbka, George Lazaroiu, Maria Kovacova

Innovations in financial management: recursive prediction model based on decision trees

Pages: 276-292

Tomas Kliestik, Elvira Nica, Peter Suler, Katarina Valaskova

Innovations in the company´s earnings management: the case for the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Pages: 332-345

Anna Vorontsova, Tetyana Mayboroda, Hlib Lieonov

Innovation management in education: impact on socio-labour relations in the national economy

Pages: 346-357