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Oleksii Lyulyov

Sumy State University | Ukraine

Volume 11 Issue 4, 2020

published on December 30, 2020

Tetiana Vasylieva, Olha Kuzmenko, Musayeva Naila Rashid, Sergej Vojtovic, Maria Kascha, Hlib Lieonov

Innovations in government management of the healthcare system: forecasting of covid-19 consequences in social, investment and business development

Pages: 11-25

Inna Tiutiunyk, Andrii Zolkover, Vladyslav Maslov, Mehriban Samedova, Natalia Vynnycenko, Yevgenia Beshley, Olena Kovalenko

Indices of innovation activity as components of macroeconomic stability: how does the shadowing of investment flows affect? 

Pages: 26-40

Alina Vysochyna, Olena Kryklii, Mariia Minchenko, Aliyeva Aygun Akbar, Kateryna Demchuk

Country innovative development: impact of shadow economy

Pages: 41-49

Svitlana Kolosok, Tetyana Pimonenko, Alona Yevdokymova, Nazim Ozbey Hajiyev, Maksym Palienko, Lesya Prasol,

Energy efficiency policy: impact of green innovations

Pages: 50-60

Krzystof Lukowicz, Artur Strzelecki

User satisfaction on social media profile of E-sports organization

Pages: 61-75

Aleksandr Kljucnikov, Mehmet Civelek, Vladimіr Krajcík, Jirі Polach

Customer attitude to the local currency implementation

Pages: 76-89

Gayane Tovmasyan, Samvel Avetisyan, Kristine Tatosyan, Lusya Mirijanyan, Inga Galustyan, Argine Rushanyan,

Analysing the demand of agritourism for international tourists in Armenia

Pages: 90-101

Khaled Abdel kader Alomari, Nader Mohammad Aljawarneh, Ziyad Saleh Alomari, Rokaya Albdareen, Ahmad Alawneh

Innovations in knowledge management perspectives: an empirical study in the Jordanian commercial and Islamic banks

Pages: 102-119

Syed Asad Hussain, Mirza Amin Ul Haq, Yasir Ali Soomro

Factors influencing consumers’ green purchase behavior: green advertising as moderator

Pages: 144-153

Radovan Bacik, Beata Gavurova, Richard Fedorko, Maria Olearova

Using digital devices in the process of online shopping: a study of demographic differences

Pages: 154-167

Angela Kuznyetsova, Olha Klishchuk, Andrew Lisnyak, Atik Kerimov, Azer Babayev

Innovation mechanism in monetary policy forecasting: unification of all macroeconomic puzzles in SVAR model

Pages: 219-230

Jose Ramon Saura , Jonathan Gomez Punzon

Defining the types of «fakers» in social media

Pages: 231-236

Milan Fiľa, Michal Levicky, Ladislav Mura, Milan Maros, Marcela Korenkova

Innovations for business management: motivation and barriers

Pages: 266-278