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Oleksii Lyulyov

Sumy State University | Ukraine

Volume 8 Issue 2, 2017

published on June 30, 2017

D.V. Raiko, L.M. Tseytlin, V.I. Kyrylenko

Developing the classification of non-traditional marketing communication tools

Pages: 36-46

I.L. Reshetnikova, E.P. Shapovalova

Marketing tools ensuring quality of service in the banking market

Pages: 47-56

A.S. Teletov, I.I. Nagornyi, M.O. Nikonets

Innovative approaches in marketing studies of industrial and technology production

Pages: 57-66

H.M. Zakharchyn, T.V. Skliaruk

The transformation of new values in a category of management

Pages: 121-128

A. Noruzy, K. Abili, J. Pourkarimi, M. Ansari

A conceptual model for service innovation excellence for non-governmental higher education

Pages: 129-141

I.O. Golysheva, O.F. Gryshchenko

Features of innovative scientific project management

Pages: 142-150

V. Goliuk

Impact of innovations on GDP dynamics

Pages: 151-159

S.T. Kosár, R. Machová, M. Šimonová

Creativity in practice in the context of applied management methods and tools

Pages: 182-195

O.I. Karpishchenko, O.O. Karpishchenko, T.V. Vashchenko

Reverse engineering as a key for industry modernization per import substitution

Pages: 248-258

V.A. Omelyanenko, O.Y. Kudrina, D.V. Volodin

Conceptual principles of development resources security analysis

Pages: 280-287

M. Laužikas, A. Miliute, A. Bilota, D. Bielousovaitė

Main development drivers of start-up companies within start-up ecosystems: the case of Lithuania

Pages: 316-328

V.G. Potapenko, R.B. Kornatovskyy, A.L. Shylkina

“Green” economy modernization of Ukraine

Pages: 344-358

H.-C. Brauweiler, V.V. Shkola, O. Markova

Economic and legal mechanisms of waste management in Ukraine

Pages: 359-368