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Oleksii Lyulyov

Sumy State University | Ukraine

Volume 8 Issue 4, 2017

published on December 30, 2017

A. Molchanovа, N. Chunikhina, W. Strielkowski

Innovations and academic publishing: who will cast the first stone?

Pages: 40-48

O. Borysenko, O. Teletov, V. Makarova

Information in marketing systems

Pages: 49-57

S. Illiashenko, J. Klisinski, S. Hrytsai, I. Starkiv

Impact of seller’s gender on purchaser’s consumption behavior

Pages: 58-66

P. Pererva, T. Kobielieva, M. Tkachev, N. Tkacheva

Modeling the marketing characteristics of market capacity for electrical automation

Pages: 67-74

D.V. Raiko, L.M. Tseytlin, V.M. Zatsarynnyi

Conceptual approach to the preparation and conduction of advertising campaign

Pages: 75-88

L.S. Zakharkina, O.O. Zakharkin, K.M. Karabets

Bank rating as a tool of marketing strategy of financial market participants

Pages: 112-122

M. Voynarenko, L. Dzhuliy, O. Kuzmin, T. Yanchuk

Managing the development of innovation business processes with automated information systems

Pages: 133-148

P.M. Hryhoruk, N.A. Khrushch

Evaluating a posteriori effectiveness of marketing decisions

Pages: 149-161

L. Kiseleva, J.L. Niño-Amézquita, T. Veynbender, V. Dubrovsky

Social entrepreneurship as an economic phenomenon: innovations and indicators of development

Pages: 250-259

Y. Mishenin, V. Valentynov, O. Maslak, I. Koblianska

Modern transformations in small-scale agricultural commodity production in Ukraine

Pages: 358-366

M. Domashenko, V. Shkola, A. Kuchmiyov, O. Kotenko

Innovative marketing strategies to provide ecological safety at regional and global levels

Pages: 367-373