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Oleksii Lyulyov

Sumy State University | Ukraine

Volume 9 Issue 4, 2018

published on December 30, 2018

Michael Hans Gino Kraft

Antecedents & perspectives of ambidextrous leadership

Pages: 5-13

Stanislav Galic, Sameer Mohammed Majed Dandan, Annmarie Gorenc Zoran

Intuitive decision-making inside public utility organizations in Slovenia

Pages: 14-25

Zenovii-Mykhailo Zadorozhnyi, Yuliya Sudyn, Volodymyr Muravskyi

Goodwill assessment in enterprise management: innovative approaches using computer and communication technologies

Pages: 43-53

Robert Babuka, Andrea Sujova, Vaclav Kupcak

Scenario management of cascade wood use: comparison of social and economic indicators

Pages: 73-85

Mykolay Vashchenko, Leonid Taraniuk, Yuriy Danko, Karina Taraniuk

Assessment of the technological readiness of the countries of the world for the radical innovations

Pages: 86-97

Robert Stefko, Frantisek Pollak, Beata Gavurova

Offline and online approaches to quality perception of Slovak university hospitals

Pages: 107-115

Tetiana Zatonatska, Oleksandr Rozhko, Nataliia Tkachenko

Modern trends of impact on economic development of countries: e-commerce and R&D

Pages: 129-135

Edyta Ropuszynska-Surma, Magdalena Weglarz

A virtual power plant as a cooperation network

Pages: 136-149

Iryna Sotnyk, Iryna Shvets, Liudmyla Momotiuk, Yulija Chortok

Management of renewable energy innovative development in Ukrainian households: problems of financial support

Pages: 150-160

Laima Jeseviciute-Ufartiene, Ilona Skackauskiene

Image of women’s volleyball in Lithuania perceiving its customer behaviour

Pages: 179-190

Liudmyla Kozarezenko, Yuriy Petrushenko, Oksana Tulai

Innovation in Public Finance Management of Sustainable Human Development

Pages: 191-202

Ladislav Mura, Martina Marchevska, Mariana Dubravska

Slovak retail business across panel regression model

Pages: 203-211

Sharuti Choudhary, Supriya Dhillon

An empirical perspective on consumer’s attitude towards online shopping

Pages: 212-220

Pavlo Berzin, Olena Shyshkina, Olha Kuzmenko, Hanna Yarovenko

Innovations in the risk management of the business activity of economic agents

Pages: 221-233

Aleksandr Kljucnikov, Monika Sobekova Majkova

Funding risk perception by Slovak SMEs: impact of age and size of the company

Pages: 282-297

Afzal Hossain, Md Yusuf Hossein Khan

Green marketing mix effect on consumers buying decisions in Bangladesh

Pages: 298-306

Aldona Migala-Warchol, Monika Pasternak-Malicka

Living standards of EU countries’ residents: impact of education and innovation

Pages: 307-315

Anzhela Kuznyetsova, Natalia Kozmuk, Iryna Zherebylo, Olena Sydorova, Marta Zvarych

The essence of retail and development of retail banking innovative mechanisms in Ukraine

Pages: 316-331