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Issued 4 times a year (March, June, September, December) since 2010

Business Model: Golden Open Access | APC Policy

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Oleksii Lyulyov

Sumy State University | Ukraine


The financial resources generated through Article Processing Charges (APCs) for Marketing and Management of Innovations are strategically directed towards promoting published papers. This promotion involves:

  • Co-organization of Conferences. Active participation and support in conferences related to the field.
  • Co-organization of Scholarly Society Events. Collaborative efforts with scholarly societies for impactful events.
  • Professional Social Networks. Leveraging professional social networks for wider dissemination.
  • Professional Associations, Networks, Organizations, and Publisher’s Partners. Strengthening ties with professional associations, networks, organizations, and publisher’s partners.
  • Email Marketing and Promotional Activities. Engaging in email marketing and various promotional initiatives.

Advertising in the Journal

Marketing and Management of Innovations does not engage in the promotion of commercial products and services. Nevertheless, the Journal actively supports the promotion of scientific conferences, books, publishers, services, and products that contribute to lifelong learning and foster the expansion of educational and scientific collaboration.

Advertising in Marketing and Management of Innovations, whether in print, online issues, or on the website, must adhere to the core publishing policies:

  • Content promoting tobacco, alcohol, recreational drugs, or any illegal products will not be accepted.
  • Advertisements must clearly identify the advertiser and the product or service.
  • Advertisements (and products) must comply with the regulations in the country where they will be launched and viewed.
  • Online advertising should not appear in the PDF version of the paper.
  • Advertising must be clearly distinguished from the editorial content.

Attention: The fundamental principle of Advertising in Marketing and Management of Innovations is that Editorial independence from commercial influence guides decision-making. Decisions regarding paper publication remain unaffected by advertising. Advertisements constitute a distinct section separated from content and are not endorsed by the publisher. The publisher assumes no responsibility for errors in displaying advertisements. The removal of an advertisement from the journal’s website can be requested by the Publisher, Editors, or collaborative societies at any time.

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