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Oleksii Lyulyov

Sumy State University | Ukraine

Volume 10 Issue 2, 2019

published on June 30, 2019

Peter Gallo, Bohuslava Mihalcova, Olga Vegsoova, Tunde Dzurov-Vargova, Natalia Busova

Innovative trends in human resources management: evidence for the health care system

Pages: 11-20

Volkan Goktas, Emre Erol, Remzi Altunisik, Kadir Ardic

Socıal marketıng ın charıtable gıvıng ıntentıons: a serıal medıatıon model

Pages: 21-32

Grzegorz Zimon, Halina Chlodnicka

Innovation in financial reporting: the aspect of the capital group

Pages: 33-41

Naira Hakobyan, Anna Khachatryan, Narine Vardanyan, Yulija Chortok, Lyudmyla Starchenko

The implementation of corporate social and environmental responsibility practices into competitive strategy of the company

Pages: 42-51

Fue Zeng, Muhammad Yaseen Bhutto, Yasir Ali Soomro

Chinese smartphone brands: gender, consumers behavioural and attitudinal loyalty

Pages: 83-98

Richard Fedorko, Radovan Bacik, Maria Olearova, Martin Rigelsky, Peter Breyl

Impact of ancillary services on the hotel rating in Visegrad group countries

Pages: 99-107

Vladimir Krajcik, Aleksandr Kljucnikov, Elena Rihova

Innovative sharing economy’s business models in tourism: case of Airbnb in Prague

Pages: 108-117

Jolita Greblikaite, Audrone Ispiryan, Deimena Montvydaite

Development of berry farms in Europe: organisational and management issues

Pages: 141-159

Muhammad Taqi, Nilgun Gurkaynak, Mehmet Gencer

Marketing concept evolution: a bibliometrics co-occurrence analysis

Pages: 185-197

Enikő Korcsmáros, Renata Machova, Zoltan Seben, Lilla Feher

Changing in consumer loyalty as a reaction for EU integration in Slovakia

Pages: 206-216

Volodymyr Tkachenko , Aleksy Kwilinski, Iryna Tkachenko, Polina Puzyrova

Theoretical and methodical approaches to the definition of marketing risks management concept at industrial enterprises

Pages: 228-238

Lubica Gajanova, Margareta Nadanyiova, Jana Kliestikova, Judit Olah

The potential of using Bluetooth-based system as a part of proximity marketing in the Slovak Republic

Pages: 239-252

Yuliia Vasutinska, Nataliia Kuzminska

Estimating the degree of novelty of a new product: innovative approach

Pages: 282-294

Grzegorz Ignatowski, Bartlomiej Stopczynski, Joanna Trebska

Paradox of nepotism in enterprises in Poland and Ukraine: social capital perspective

Pages: 295-313

Aleksandra Kuzior, Bartosz Sobotka, Аnastasiіа Filipenko, Paulina Kuzior

Marketing communications of administrative organs of local governance and local community

Pages: 314-325

Ludmila Melnyk, Inna Novak, Maryna Gomeniuk, Olha Pidlubna, Olha Bezpalova

The determinants of tourism development: the example of potential candidates for the EU membership

Pages: 326-336