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Oleksii Lyulyov

Sumy State University | Ukraine

Volume 11 Issue 1, 2020

published on March 30, 2020

Aleksandr Kljucnikov, Mehmet Civelek, Vladimír Krajcík, Lubomír Kmeco

Innovations in Tourism Marketing: Sharing Economy Platform

Pages: 11-25

Syed Khalil Ahmed, Muhammad Majid Khan, Rao Aamir Khan, Bahaudin G. Mujtaba

The Relationship Between Social Capital and Psychological Well-Being: the Mediating Role of Internet Marketing

Pages: 40-53

Vitalii Kondratenko, Olena Okopnyk, Linda Ziganto, Aleksy Kwilinski

Innovation Development of Public Administration: Management and Legislation Features

Pages: 87-94

Iryna Sotnyk, Kostiantyn Zavrazhnyi, Volodymyr Kasianenko, Hynek Roubík, Oleksandr Sidorov

Investment Management of Business Digital Innovations

Pages: 95-109

Muhammad Sajjad, Anam Riaz, Orangzab, Muhammad Chani, Rai Hussain

Innovations in Human Resources Management: Mediating Role of Intrinsic Motivation

Pages: 110-120

Mariana Sedliacikova, Anna Kocianova, Michal Dzian, Josef Drabek

Product Sampling as a Sales Promotion Tool

Pages: 136-148

Asmaa Elmortada, Chams-Eddoha Mokhlis, Ahmed Mokhlis, Said Elfezazi

Innovations in HR Management: a Content Analysis Approach

Pages: 182-191

Alexandra Krivosikova, Jana Rybanska, Ludmila Nagyova, Andrej Geci

Consumer Behaviour of Seniors on the Cow’s Milk Market in Slovakia: Silver Persuading Techniques

Pages: 200-207

Yuriy Petrushenko, Viktor Ventsel, Veronica Garbuz, Uliana Kolomiiets, Wojciech Duranowski

Innovations in Management of Fiscal Equalisation: Decentralization Reform

Pages: 208-221

Bohuslava Mihalcova, Peter Gallo, Jozef Lukac

Management of Innovations in Finance Education: Cluster Analysis for OECD Countries

Pages: 235-244

Aallali Rachida

Digitalization for Human Resource Management

Pages: 245-255

Volodymyr Panchenko, Yurii Harust, Yana Us, Olena Korobets, Vladyslav Pavlyk

Energy-Efficient Innovations: Marketing, Management and Law Supporting

Pages: 256-264

Prause Gunnar, Hoffmann Thomas

Innovative Management of Common-Pool Resources by Smart Contracts

Pages: 265-273

Liudmyla Mikhnevych, Victor Marchenko, Petur Hristov, Aleksandra Kuzior

Conceptual Relationships Between Country Image and Economic Security

Pages: 285-293

Svitlana Shymon, Evhenia Kolomiets-Ludwig, Joanna Osiejewicz, Dariusz Krawczyk, Bozena Kaminska

The role of country brand in providing economic resilience

Pages: 303-311