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Oleksii Lyulyov

Sumy State University | Ukraine

Volume 12 Issue 3, 2021

published on September 13, 2021

Renata Machova, Kamilla Santa, Patrik Basa

International overview of business profiles from the perspective of Instagram users

Pages: 11-22

Anna Tomkova, Ivana Ondrijova, Dagmara Ratnayake-Kascakova, Jozef Nemec

Leaders and machiavellian manifestations: workers’ innovation development and business performance

Pages: 23-31

Ersin Eskiler, Remzi Altunisik, Nilgun Sarikaya

The relationship between brand associations and fan behaviours for football teams

Pages: 32-42

Valentinas Navickas, Ieva Petroke, Vaida Baciuliene, Aleksandr Kljucnikov

Development of sharing economy-based business models in the tourism sector

Pages: 43-52

Monika Danova, Ivana Kravcakova Vozarova, Elena Sira

Innovations in human resources management: impact on economic growth

Pages: 53-65

Nataliia Lagodiienko, Inna Yakushko

Digital innovations in taxation: bibliometric analysis

Pages: 66-77

Eva Hanulakova, Ferdinand Dano, Marek Kukura, Robert Hula

Marketing in social innovations targeted at healthcare

Pages: 90-107

Valentin Gallart-Camahort, Luis Callarisa-Fiol, Javier Sanchez-Garcia

The impact of customer engagement on retailer’s brand equity components

Pages: 127-138

Ihor Vakulenko, Maksym Fritsak, Pavlo Fisunenko

An Organizational Scheme for Scaling Innovative Energy Projects. Smart Grids Case

Pages: 149-164

Stanislav Kotenko, Iryna Heiets, Dina Yacout

Organizational competitiveness: a systematic literature review

Pages: 175-187

Vasyl Brych, Tetiana Zatonatska, Oleksandr Dluhopolskyi, Olena Borysia, Oksana Vakun

Estimating the Efficiency of the Green Energy Services’ Marketing Management Based on Segmentation

Pages: 188-198

Zuzana Hajduova, Nikoleta Hutmanova, Lubor Jusko, Ludovít Molitoris

The influence of advertising on children’s buying behaviour: a case study in Slovakia

Pages: 199-210

Katerina Kozludzhova

Closing techniques for selling software innovations

Pages: 223-236

Svitlana Andros, Oleksandr Akimov, Liudmyla Akimova, Shichao Chang, Sandeep Kumar Gupta

Scenario analysis of the expected integral economic effect from an innovative project

Pages: 237-251

Amna Ali Alharthi, Ghada Talat Alhothali

The Adoption of Social Media Marketing by Home-based Businesses in Saudi Arabia

Pages: 252-263

Kristína Bečarova, Ľudmila Nagyova, Naďa Hazuchova, Jana Stavkova

Consumer Approach to the Food Waste in Selected EU Countries

Pages: 264-275

Lucia Michalkova, Vojtech Stehel, Elvira Nica, Pavol Durana

Corporate management: capital structure and tax shields

Pages: 276-295