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Oleksii Lyulyov

Sumy State University | Ukraine

Volume 9 Issue 1, 2018

published on March 30, 2018

A. Kosenko, R. Poberezhnyi, M. Pantelieiev, N. Poberezhna

Methodical approach to define external environment friendliness level of enterprise development

Pages: 15-26

I. Novikova, V. Martyniuk, A. Bediukh, O. Kharina

Academic capitalism: development trends in Ukraine and European practice

Pages: 27-44

V.V. Bozhkova, О.V. Ptashchenko, L.Yu. Saher, L.O. Syhyda

Transformation of marketing communications tools in the context of globalization

Pages: 73-82

Je.V. Krykavskyy, N.Je. Kuzo, N.S. Kosar

Product packing: marketing contra ecology

Pages: 103-117

M.A. Oklander, T.O. Oklander, O.I. Yashkina

Marketing research trends: online panels and online communities

Pages: 118-129

Yu.Ye. Petrunya, T.O. Pasichnyk

Impact of modern technologies on logistics and supply chain management

Pages: 130-139

Kh.M. Bespalyuk, N.I. Horbal, O.V. Denysyuk

Psychological factors in the formation of pricing tactics

Pages: 140-151

O. Maslak, N. Grishko, K. Vorobiova, O. Hlazunova

The optimization of the management mechanism of the intellectual capital of Ukraine

Pages: 169-183

L. Smoliy, A. Revutska, I. Novak

Influence of innovation factor in economic dynamics in Europe

Pages: 247-258

O.V. Prokopenko, R. Kornatowski

Features of modern strategic market-oriented activity of enterprises

Pages: 295-303

P. Budinský, M. Bezvoda

Innovative approach to the management of credit risk

Pages: 327-337

M. Butkus, A. Maciulyte-Sniukiene, K. Matuzeviciute, V. Davidaviciene

Society’s attitudes towards impact of immigration: case of EU countries

Pages: 338-352

I.Ye. Yarova, N.V. Mishenina, T.I. Pizniak

Space analysis of reproduction of the forest potential: ecological and economic aspect

Pages: 406-418