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Oleksii Lyulyov

Sumy State University | Ukraine

Volume 9 Issue 2, 2018

published on June 30, 2018

Pavel Krpalek, Katarina Krpalkova Krelova, Katerina Berkova

Entrepreneurship in relation to contemporary concepts of education

Pages: 11-22

Michaela Sugrova, Ludmila Nagyova, Nada Hazuchova, Jana Stavkova

Consumer behaviour at alcoholic beverages markets of Czech Republic and Slovakia: targeting consumer segments

Pages: 31-43

Viktoriia Druzhynina, Ganna Likhonosova, Galyna Lutsenko

Assessment welfare of the population in the synergetic system of socio-economic exclusion

Pages: 54-68

Lukman Olorogun, Nasir Yunusa, Hauwa Galadima Audu, Adam Andani Mohammed

Management of educational innovations: effects of infusing “critical thinking” into Islamic finance curricula

Pages: 69-78

Sylvie Formankovaа, Oldrich Trenz, Oldrich Faldik, Jan Kolomazník, Patrik Vanek

The future of investing – sustainable and responsible investing

Pages: 94-102

Zenovii-Mykhailo Zadorozhnyi, Volodymyr Muravskyi, Oleg Shevchuk, Yuliya Sudyn

Management accounting of the settlements with contractors in innovative environment of business communications

Pages: 103-112

Kostiantyn Kyrychenko, Yaryna Samusevych, Liliia Liulova, Kseniya Bagmet

Innovations in country’s social development level estimation

Pages: 113-128

Iryna Didenko, Yana Kryvych, Anna Buriak

Evaluation of deposit market competition: basis for bank marketing improvement

Pages: 129-141

Beata Gavurova, Radovan Bacik, Richard Fedorko, Martin Rigelsky

Analytical view of online marketing tools in the dimension of marketing campaigns’ personalization in Slovakia

Pages: 186-200

Anna Vorontsova, Serhiy Lyeonov, Tetiana Vasylieva, Artem Artyukhov

Innovations in the financing of lifelong learning system: expenditure optimization model

Pages: 218-231

Angela Kuznetsova, Kateryna Kalynets, Natalia Kozmuk, Lubov Vozna

Innovative management in global financial CSR governance

Pages: 262-269

Miguel Angel Rivera Rios, Jose Benjamin Lujano Lopez, Josue García Veiga

The fifth global Kondratiev. Low economic performance, instability and monopolization in the digital age

Pages: 270-291

Uliana Kolomiiets

Ukrainian price control policy

Pages: 292-312

Odai Falah Mohammad AL-Ghaswyneh

Pillars of internal marketing and their impact on staff performance

Pages: 313-326

Mohammad Osman Gani, Mohammad Zahedul Alam, Md. Mahabub Alom, Mohammad Omar Faruq

Challenges and prospects of neuromarketing: Bangladesh perspective

Pages: 327-338

Magdalena K. Wyrwicka, Oksana Erdeli

Strategic foresight as the methodology of preparing innovation activities

Pages: 339-350

Irina Degtjarjova, Inga Lapina, Davis Freidenfelds

Student as stakeholder: “voice of customer” in higher education quality development

Pages: 388-398