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Oleksii Lyulyov

Sumy State University | Ukraine

Volume 9 Issue 3, 2018

published on September 30, 2018

Miguel Blanco Canto, Lydia Bares Lopez

Ranking of global efficiency of the best universities in Europe

Pages: 34-47

Yomna Mohsen, Hassan Mohamed Hussein, Abeer A. Mahrous

Perceived service value, customer engagement and brand loyalty in health care centres in Egypt

Pages: 95-108

Oleksii Lyulyov, Olena Chygryn, Tetyana Pimonenko

National brand as a marketing determinant of macroeconomic stability

Pages: 142-152

Ryszard Pukala, Elena Sira, Roman Vavrek

Risk management and financing among Start-ups

Pages: 153-161

Shushanik Isahakyan, Olena Shkarupa

Innovation marketing to enhance competitiveness: case of Armenia and Ukraine

Pages: 162-173

Renata Machova, Silvia Tobias Kosar, Andrej Hevesi

Management and motivation of human resources in case of a Slovak multinational corporation

Pages: 174-185

Glib Zadorozhko, Yury Nikolaev, Oleksandr Barabash, Oleksii Goncharenko

Problems and prospects for the implementation and development of smart accounting system at municipal transport

Pages: 208-215

Arvydas Paskevicius, Greta Keliuotyte-Staniuleniene

The evaluation of the impact of financial technologies innovations on CEECs capital markets

Pages: 241-252

Hasmik Hovhanesian, Armine Chobanyan

Economic impacts of ICT industry: case of Armenia

Pages: 260-267

Sheikh Md. Abdul Hakeem, Md Yusuf Hossein Khan

Urban tourism: the perspective on tourism impacts in Cambridge, United Kingdom

Pages: 268-275

Margarita Dunska, Jelena Salkovska, Anda Batraga, Liga Braslina

Consumer behaviour in innovative products purchasing process

Pages: 276-289

Luc Hens, Oleksandra Karintseva, Mykola Kharchenko, Oleksandr Matsenko

The state’s structural policy innovations influenced by the ecological transformations

Pages: 290-301